Audiological research is developing in a multitude of fields, from clinical, genetic, physiological and psychoacoustic research to technological, psychological and sociological studies.

AGIR POUR L’AUDITION supports the creation of the INSTITUT DE L’AUDITION (hearing institute). Opening in 2018, this fundamental research center will house the best international teams in audiology research, directed by Professor Christine Petit from the Collège de France and Institut Pasteur. Located at 63 rue de Charenton in Paris, next to the INSTITUT DE LA VISION (vision institute), it will help create the first French campus for sensory disorders. The center will include a reception area, along with meeting and conference rooms managed by AGIR POUR L’AUDITION.

This institute will benefit from a clinical research platform developed by AGIR POUR L’AUDITION, an advanced audiology center that will work on the model of a clinical investigation center (CIC).

AGIR POUR L’AUDITION organizes an annual CALL FOR SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS aimed at research teams or postdoctoral fellowships developing research projects in the field of hearing. Multiannual projects and multinational consortiums are encouraged. The scientific quality of the projects and the expertise of the research teams are the main selection criteria for laureates.

Every year, AGIR POUR L’AUDITION identifies key research themes and conducts one or two research projects with partners.

To this end, AGIR POUR L’AUDITION convenes an international SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE several times a year.