People with hearing loss encounter difficulties throughout their lives. Whether they are born deaf or become deafened, and regardless of their degree of hearing loss and associated disabilities, the individuals concerned face many consequences to their personal, family and work lives, as well as their health and finances.

The ACTING TODAY program promotes hearing health and early diagnosis, while supporting all those who work to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss.

The annual CALL FOR PROJECTS offers funding to organizations working in aid of people with hearing loss. Each project is examined by the project committee, which submits a shortlist to the board of directors.

The biennial AGIR POUR L’AUDITION – ACTING TODAY PRIZE recognizes one or more associations that have achieved remarkable work to help people with hearing loss. Applications are examined by the project committee and the winners approved by the board of directors.

AGIR POUR L’AUDITION carries out a variety of initiatives every year with beneficiaries and partners, who may vary from year to year.